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Qingdao offers a lot of products that are typical for the Shandong province. The diamond ornaments are famous but also the shell artefacts with its excellent design and workmanship are popular gifts and touris souvenirs. If you are looking for rare antiques they have to be approved by the government . The famous Laoshan tea, Jimo yellow millet Wine, sea food and the Tsingtao Beer are food products that are unique for Qingdao...

The colourful and scenic old German quarter is the best shopping area along Zhongshan Lu (Lu=street) which is both the main shopping and commercial area. If it is clothing that you are looking for Zhongshan Lu, along with the Longshan Underground Market close to the Xinhaoshan park are your best bet.
Two department stores are Qingdao Friendship Store - 12 Xinjing Lu and Qingdao Department Store - 51 Zhongshan Lu.