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QINGDAO City Facts

Mayor: Xia Geng
Where: N. China E 12022, N 364
Population: 7,579,900 (2007)
Urban Population: 2,755,500
Total municipal area: 10.654 square kilometers
Urban area: 1,102 square kilometers
Phone Area Code: 532
Postal Code: 266000
Airport: Qingdao International airport
Main Train Station: Qingdao Railway Station
City Tree: Cedar
City Flower: Winter camellia, Chinese rose
Tourist season: April to October
Administrative Districts:
Qingdao is divided into 7 urban districts and five county-level cities under its administration
Lying in the temperate monsoon climate zone, Qingdao has an annual average temperature of 12.2C and annual precipitation of 775.6 mm.
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