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Qingdao is in many ways a culture city with some of the best Sculpture Parks in China, 54 cinemas and theaters, 6 museums and 11 libraries. There are also 11 art troupes like Qingdao Theater, Qingdao Lu Opera Troupe, Qingdao Peking Opera Theater, Qingdao Opera Troupe and the HiSense Symphony Orchestra.

The Qingdao Theater is famous all over China. Plays that have been performed here are for example "The Counter" in the 60s, "The Romance of Port" in the 70s and "The worker´s Family" this decade.

Some of the most famous Peking Opera performers originated from Qingdao. The famous Yan-style performers Yan Xingpeng, Yan Jupeng, Yan Shaopeng startes to perform Peking Opera in Qingdao and they became later famous all over the country. The director of Qingdao Peking Opera Troupe, Wu Ping, inherited the famous Gao-style old man from the previous master. Among the traditional repertoire of Qingdao Peking Opera Troupe is "Wedding Face Powder Story" and "Leisure Ferry".