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A Sponsorship Coup

CHINA TEAM will provide an exceptional showcase and platform, in China and on the international stage, for the companies that associate their businesses and brands with the team.

This European event is accompanied by intense media coverage, which means that CHINA TEAM can offer fantastic sponsorship opportunities and exposure, with a media audience of 350 million households in China alone.
CHINA TEAM is one of the only challengers for the 32nd America’s Cup that does not rely on private backing, but instead is financed 100% by its sponsors. CHINA TEAM has put in place a comprehensive programme of activity which offers prospective partners a quantifiable return on investment. Based on the experience of LE DEFI, it employs all of the tools required to fully leverage its partners’ sponsorship involvement: media and stakeholder relations, internal and external communications, tailored partner incentives and hosting opportunities.

LE DEFI knows that this is one of the most impactful sporting events to hit the world stage. The whole world watches the America’s Cup, not only because of its history, and its rigorous, technical demands but also because it is unique.
The America’s Cup is everything that is high-tech and leading edge design, but there is also a crucial team element at stake: national pride and intense international involvement.
Some interesting numbers came out of the 2002 Louis Vuitton Cup in Auckland. There were;
  • 2292 accredited journalists
  • 2797 television hours screened in 211 countries to an audience of 2.9 billion spectators
  • 44,964 print articles worldwide
  • 82 million pages viewed on the official website by 2 million visitors

Not only that, LE DEFI’s principal sponsor AREVA gained extensive media coverage during the 2002/2003 campaign: an equivalent advertising value of €75 million against an investment of €15 million, and an exponential growth in brand recognition from 0 – 29% in a three month period.