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Chinese Participation in the Cup

CHINA TEAM by LE DEFI is the first syndicate in America’s Cup history to wave the Chinese flag. CHINA TEAM was established in March 2005 in a joint-venture between Chaoyong Wang, President of China Equity Investment (one of the leading Chinese capital venture funds) and the French America’s Cup team LE DEFI.
CHINA TEAM represents the Qingdao International Yacht Club.
CHINA TEAM’S objective is to build a competitive team for the 32nd America’s Cup and a platform for a successful challenge. Scouting, selection and training of the best Chinese talent across the disciplines of sport, logistics, communication, marketing and administration have already begun.
The history of the America’s Cup is associated with stories of entrepreneurial spirit. The challenge, lead by Chaoyong Wang and Li Yifei, who epitomize the new generation of Chinese entrepreneurs, will show many of the qualities that are part of modern day China.
CHINA TEAM will benefit from the vast experience that LE DEFI has gathered over the past two America’s Cup cycles.