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A word from the Mayor

Xia Geng
Mayor of Qingdao
Qingdao is a summer resort on the eastern coast of China and plays a significant role in the Chinese economy. Qingdao is also well known for its long cultural history. The sailing events for the 29th Olympic Games will be held in Qingdao in 2008.
Qingdao, located close to Mt. Laoshan and the Yellow Sea, boasts picturesque scenery. The azure sky and blue sea set off the red tiles and the green trees. So it is an unique beautiful coastal city.
The economy in Qingdao continues to prosper due to the well-developed harbors, oceanographic research institutes, large competitive enterprises and of course open-door policies. The GDP in Qingdao in 2002 was RMB151.8 billion, a 15% increase over 2001, and overseas investment amounted to USD12.2 million.
After China’s accession to the WTO, concentration has been placed on the development of port services, oceanographic research and tourism as well as the manufacturing of household electrical appliances, petrochemicals, vessels, automobiles, locomotives and rolling stock, containers and new materials. The city has started a new phase of development for speeding up socialist modernization and internationalization and building a well-off society at first in China. All friends who participate in the city’s modern construction are assured to have the great return of their investment with her high-speed economic growth.
Qingdao’s economic prosperity will create more business opportunities and the efficient performance of the local government will accelerate the process of achieving success. On behalf of Qingdao Municipal Government, I extend a welcome to you to visit Qingdao either as an investor or a tourist.
By Xia Geng, mayor of Qingdao